Senior Pet Care

Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic Gives You Senior Pet Care in Fitchburg, WI

Age itself is not a disease, but it can make your pet more susceptible to serious health issues. Your pets will need more extensive care as they age. Being more proactive with your senior pet’s health helps it live a high quality of life in its golden years. Pet owners in Fitchburg, WI, and neighboring communities can bring their pets to Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic for the wellness care services their furry friends need in their senior years.

Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Your senior pet may not be as frisky as it once was, but it is just as loved and deserves quality care. Our veterinarian can help keep your senior pet in good health in its golden years with proactive wellness services.

Pets healthcare, diet, and exercise needs to change as they age. Older pets are less active and burn off fewer calories than they did in their youth. They need a low-calorie, high-protein diet that provides strength and energy without causing them to gain excess weight. Your senior dog still needs exercise even if it may not have the stamina or agility for long hikes or playtimes in the park. Short walks and swimming can provide your pooch with the exercise it needs to stay healthy and strong.

Senior pets need more in-depth veterinary services to sustain their long-term health. These services include bi-annual pet exams, comprehensive blood work to evaluate organ health, full urinalysis, and X-rays, ultrasounds, and other tests when needed. Senior pet care makes it easier for your veterinarian to diagnose health problems sooner. This allows your pet to get prompt treatment and recover more quickly from an illness or disease.

Health Risks of Senior Pets

Senior pets face the risk of the following health issues:

•             obesity

•             osteoarthritis

•             heart, kidney, and liver problems

•             cancers and tumors

•             diabetes

•             thyroid problems

•             incontinence

These health problems can have a major impact on your pet’s mobility, digestion, hearing, vision, lifestyle, and quality of life. Some signs of old age in pets include:

•             less interest in activity or play

•             prolonged sleeping

•             difficulty breathing, walking, jumping, or climbing stairs

•             uncontrolled tremors

•             drastic weight loss or gain

•             difficulty hearing or seeing

•             confusion or disorientation

•             uncontrolled bowel movements

No one can keep your furry friend from aging. Senior pet care, however, can help your dog or cat enjoy a healthier, happier, and active life in its senior years.

See Your Fitchburg, WI, Veterinarian for Senior Pet Care

It is important to keep your furry friend healthy and happy in its senior years, so schedule a wellness service for your senior pets today at Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic in Fitchburg, WI. Call (608) 274-3880 and get your pet the care it deserves in its golden years.


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