Pet Dental Diseases

Oral health is a crucial part of your pet's overall well-being. Dental diseases are regrettably common concerns for pets, even in our local Fitchburg area. If left untreated, dental diseases can lead to pain and more severe health issues. Here's a quick overview of some common pet dental diseases we encounter at Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic, along with the preventative care that can help your pet avoid them.

Pet Dental Diseases

Common Pet Dental Diseases and Dental Conditions

    • Gingivitis: Like humans, pets can develop gingivitis when their gums become inflamed, primarily due to plaque buildup on their teeth. The best way to prevent gingivitis is through preventative care, such as brushing your pet's teeth or having your veterinarian perform a dental cleaning to remove existing plaque.

    • Periodontal Disease: Gingivitis can progress to periodontal disease if left untreated. Periodontal disease affects the structures supporting the teeth, including the jawbone, and can eventually lead to tooth loss. Proper preventative dental care and timely dental cleanings are essential to stop gingivitis from progressing to periodontal disease.

    • Tooth Fractures: Pets can experience tooth fractures from various causes, including play, chewing on hard objects, and untreated dental disease. Fractures can be extremely painful and may expose the tooth's sensitive pulp. Regular wellness exams help detect abnormalities and signs of pain, such as tooth fractures, allowing for the appropriate treatment.

    • Stomatitis: Stomatitis is a common dental condition that can affect both pets and humans. It refers to severe inflammation of the mouth, including the gums, cheeks, and tongue. Stomatitis can be especially painful for cats and dogs due to their reliance on their mouths for daily activities. Our pet clinic often recommends immediate, aggressive dental treatment and an ongoing care plan when diagnosing stomatitis in our furry patients.

    • Oral Tumors: Oral tumors can be quite serious in pets. It's crucial for a veterinarian to perform an annual wellness exam to monitor any growths and potentially remove or treat them through surgery or other means.

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