Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and tick prevention is an essential part of keeping your pets healthy. Not only can these pests leave your pet feeling itchy and uncomfortable, but they can also spread disease. This is why it is so important to prevent these problems before they occur. At Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic in Fitchburg, we want to keep your pets free of fleas and ticks. Here are some ways you can do that.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Use Flea Prevention Medications

If you use veterinary flea prevention medications on your pets, you can avoid problems before they begin. Look for products that have a good reputation and come recommended by a veterinarian. These can be collars, creams, or other products.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Ticks thrive in areas with tall grass and plenty of hiding places. If you have a yard where your dog plays, make sure that you keep it clean. Cut the grass short, eliminate any sources of standing water, and get rid of debris. Not only will this make your yard a more pleasant place to be, but it will also repel the ticks that might try to latch onto your pet.

Regular Inspections

Make sure that you check your pets regularly for fleas and ticks. You should start by looking for signs of their presence. Bites and itching are clear indicators that there are fleas, even if you haven’t seen any of them yet. You might also see blood marks and droppings in your environment. When you check your pet’s body for fleas and ticks, make sure you look everywhere. Ticks especially can latch on in hidden areas and linger there.

Treat the Whole Environment

If you find that one of your pets has fleas, you need to treat all of the other pets for them too. You should also deep-clean your entire home. While this is time-consuming and frustrating, it is essential. Otherwise, you might treat the one pet, just to have fleas and ticks jump back onto it or infect your other pets. If you want to be sure that the pests are truly gone, you need to clean completely.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Fitchburg, WI

Flea and tick prevention does not have to be a massive endeavor. Instead, make a point of keeping your house and yard clean, as well as regularly checking your pets. If you need advice or would like to get your pet examined by a veterinarian, Dr. Hook at Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic can help. Call our team today at (608) 274-3880 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form


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