Allergy FAQs

Did you know that pets, like people, are prone to allergies? With the help of our Fitchburg, WI, veterinarian, you can help resolve allergy problems and symptoms. These FAQs from Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic explain more about the causes of pet allergies and options for treatment.

Pet Allergy FAQs

What are allergies?

Allergies are the adverse response of your immune system to substances in the body or substances that come into contact with your body. Not all pets have allergies, just as allergies don’t affect all people. If you notice your pet displaying severe allergy symptoms, contact our Fitchburg, WI, veterinary specialist for treatment.  

What are some common pet allergens?  

Pets can be allergic to food, substances in their environment and chemicals in household, gardening, or grooming products. Some common allergens that trigger pet allergies are:

  • Foods like eggs, soy, milk, chicken, corn, beef and wheat
  • Pollen, dust, mold, plants and grasses
  • Chemicals in gardening, household or grooming products
  • Certain medications
  • Insect bites and saliva

What are some symptoms of allergies in pets?

Pet allergy symptoms may be mild or severe. Many allergy symptoms show up as dermatology issues on your pet’s body. Although symptoms may vary, in general, you may notice:

  • Skin irritations, sores, or rash
  • Waxy discharge or foul odor from your pet’s ears
  • Itchiness which results in your pet constantly licking, scratching or biting its skin
  • Fur loss
  • Dull, unhealthy coat
  • Food allergies may cause vomiting or diarrhea  

A visit to our Fitchburg, WI, vet can determine the cause of your pet’s allergies, so we can outline a plan for treatment.

How are pet allergies diagnosed and treated?

The first step toward treating pet allergies is determining their cause. Our Fitchburg vet can run blood, urine, and skin tests on your pet to uncover the allergens that are triggering symptoms. For food allergies, we can put your pet on a restrictive diet and slowly introduce foods back into its system to determine what ingredients your pet is allergic to. We’ll also review your pet’s medical history, dietary habits and lifestyle to see if these could be contributing to allergy issues.

Once your vet has uncovered the allergens triggering your pet’s symptoms, you can take steps to avoid them in order to relieve allergy symptoms. This may entail changing your pet’s diet, environment, or grooming products. If your pet suffers from seasonal allergies, we can recommend ointments and medications that can help control allergy symptoms so it can continue to enjoy time outdoors.

See Our Fitchburg, WI, Veterinary Specialist for Pet Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment

Working with an experienced vet is key to helping your pet find allergy relief. To schedule a consultation with your Fitchburg vet for pet allergies, contact Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic at 608-274-3880. 



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