Exotic Pet Care

Exotic pets are fascinating creatures that are fun to own, but a challenge to care for. Working with an experienced exotic pet vet is key to keeping your exotic friend in good health. At Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic in Fitchburg, WI, we have ample experience caring for exotic pets, such as rabbits, birds, hamsters, chinchillas, and other small mammals. Our Fitchburg veterinarian near you can provide exotic vet care services tailored to your pet’s unique healthcare needs. Our animal hospital is your one-stop location for all your exotic pet care needs.

Exotic Pet care

Basics of Caring for an Exotic Pet

Unlike traditional pets like dogs and cats, exotic pets have unique needs that need to be met in order for them to thrive. Before adopting an exotic pet, it’s best to learn more about the care needed for that animal to thrive. Small mammals, birds, rabbits, and other exotic pets may need special environments and diets, stimulation, and personalized exotic vet care to keep them healthy and happy long-term.  

At our exotic pet clinic, we’ve discovered that many of the health problems exotics suffer are due to an improper environment or diet. That’s why it’s important to work closely with an exotic pet vet. We recommend scheduling a wellness exam soon after acquiring your pet. Establishing a relationship with an experienced exotic vet will be instrumental in your pet’s care.

Key Points to Consider

Here are some key points to consider when getting an exotic pet.

•             Environment: Exotic pets need the right habitat to thrive. Their enclosure should be spacious and secure, providing ample room for exercise and play. Your exotic will also need enrichment items like perches, tubes, wheels, tunnels, and climbing platforms to keep him happy and stimulated.

•             Diet: Exotics have dietary requirements for health and nutrition. Not everything on the market, however, is good for your pet. Your exotic vet can help you establish a nutritious diet to enhance your pet's long-term health.  

•             Grooming: Your exotic vet can help with nail trimming, teeth trimming, dental cleaning, beak and wing trims, and other grooming needs to keep your exotic looking and feeling its best.

•             Vaccinations: Exotic pets need vaccinations to protect them from infectious diseases as well as medication to control pests like fleas, lice, and ticks.

See Our Exotic Pet Veterinarian near You for Exotic Pet Care

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If we are not notified at least 24 hours prior to the appointment, there will be a missed exam fee that will be due prior to future services provided.  The fee will be for amount charged for the exam of the pet that was scheduled to be seen.