Pet Surgery FAQs

Your pet needs surgery. Whether it is a routine surgery like a spay or neuter, or a tumor removal for a senior pet, you are bound to have a few questions. At Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic in Fitchburg, Dr. Hook will answer any questions that you may have regarding pet surgery.

Pet Surgery FAQs

How Safe is Pet Anesthesia?

Pet anesthesia is much safer now than it was decades ago. There are better pre-surgical and post-surgical protocols in place to help ensure your pet’s safety. For example, pets are kept warm during and after surgery, because now we know their body temperatures can drop while under anesthesia. There is also more monitoring of your pet’s vitals during surgery than in the old days, so if anything starts to go wrong, it can be treated right away.

Do I Need to Fast My Pet Before Surgery?

It is very important to fast your pet the night before surgery because if your pet vomits while under anesthesia, your pet could choke. Our veterinary clinic will let you know the exact times, but usually, all food should stop at about 10 pm and the water bowl is taken away at 7 am.

What Can I Do to Help My Pet Recover from Surgery?

Your pet will need a quiet room to recover. Your pet will be exhausted from the anesthesia, even though your pet was asleep. Your pet needs time not only to heal but to get the anesthesia out of his or her system. Set up a room where your children and pets cannot disturb your pet. Make sure all the bedding is clean. The room should be dark or dim, to help encourage sleep. Put a litter box in the recovery room for cats, although your cat may be too groggy to use it.

Will My Dog Be Able to Go Outside After Surgery?

When your dog needs to poop or pee, it is okay to go outside, but put your dog on a leash and make sure your dog does not run or jump. This could pull the stitches or cause an internal injury. Even though your dog may still be groggy, the stimulus of seeing a running squirrel, or perhaps something else, is enough to get your dog running.

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