Cutting Edge Surgical Monitors

Cutting Edge Surgical Monitors

Our most important monitors during anesthesia and surgery is our certified and highly competent veterinary technicians.  Without our great staff we would not be able to provide the care that we do for our patients.

We utilize the latest in cutting edge technology to monitor our surgical patients while they are anesthetized.

1.) HDO Vet BP ( Blood Pressure ) Monitor:  The latest in Blood Pressure Monitoring
This monitor is a High Definition Oscillometric unit that allows real time visualization of pulse waves that can be viewed on screen when the unit is linked to a PC or stored for future analysis. This machine allows us to accurately, confidently, atraumatically and quickly get a pet's blood pressure. 

2.) VMED Technologies Wireless ECG Machine: The latest in ECG monitoring
This machine allows our practice to perform ECG’s (electrocardiograms) on our surgery patients to monitor their heart while under anesthesia.  The portability of this machine allows us to easily use it to perform routine and diagnostic ECG’s to aid us in our cardiac (heart) workups.  By performing ECG's our doctors can diagnose rhythmic abnormalities, certain cardiac diseases, and nodal blocks.  By diagnosing these problems early, treatments and medications can be done to treat and prolong animals with heart abnormalities.

Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Doppler:
This device is used to measure blood pressure as well as allow the technician and doctor to hear an audible pulse sound.  This device is an essential device while performing anesthesia as changes in pulse can tell us a lot about the animal's anesthesia plane and level.

4.) Capnographer - Capnocheck:
The Capnocheck is a highly portable and extremely valuable monitor for anesthesia.  This device measure CO2 levels and respiration in your pet.  If CO2 levels get too high, it means that the animal's lungs are not being adequately oxygenated.

5.) Nonin Pulse Oximeter:
This device monitors the oxygen saturation of our anesthesia patients as well as the pulse (heart rate).  Oxygen saturation needs to be maintained at all times during anesthesia to ensure that our patients organs and tissue stay well perfused.

6.) Multiple Parameter Monitor:  Our flagship monitor
This monitor is our most recent addition.  This monitor is able to perform ECG, the animal's pulse, oxygen saturation, CO2, respiration, body temperature, as well as non-invasive blood pressure.  This monitor is an all in one monitor as is, and an exciting addition to our monitoring devices.

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