Pet Wellness Exam

Dogs and cats, wonderful household members that bring us plenty of love and laughter, require a bit of responsibility on the owners' part to keep them healthy. Annual pet wellness exams are a crucial part of responsible pet ownership, ensuring your furry companions stay in the best of health. When you visit Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic for a pet wellness exam, whether for puppy care or kitten care, here's what you can expect.

Pet wellness exams, also called check-ups or physical exams, are crucial to keeping your pet healthy. They involve more than just a veterinarian examining your pet. Arbor Ridge Vet Clinic looks at the facts about pet wellness exams.

Pet Wellness Exam

What to Expect at Your Pet’s Wellness Exam

  • Vaccinations: Vaccinations are a cornerstone of puppy care and kitten care. They protect your pets from life-threatening illnesses, and following the recommended vaccine schedule is essential. While young puppies and kittens need more frequent vaccinations in their first year, adult dogs, cats, and other pets usually require annual vaccines to safeguard them from diseases like rabies and distemper.
  • Dental Exam: Cats and dogs rely on their teeth and mouths as much as we depend on our hands. That's why a comprehensive pet wellness exam includes checking for dental issues such as gum disease and decay. Based on the findings, your veterinarian will make recommendations for future oral care.
  • Parasite Prevention: A pet wellness exam typically incorporates a fecal test to detect parasites like tapeworms and heartworms. If these parasites are found, your veterinarian will provide the necessary medication to rid your pet of these pests and restore their health. Additionally, they will prescribe preventative medications to shield your pet from fleas, ticks, and other intestinal parasites in the future.
  • Preventative Care: A pet wellness exam involves a thorough consultation with a veterinarian, during which they assess your pet's overall health. They will examine your pet's body, searching for any signs of illnesses and abnormalities. Detecting diseases and conditions early can significantly improve your pet's health prospects. The veterinary team will also address any concerns or questions you might have.

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If we are not notified at least 24 hours prior to the appointment, there will be a missed exam fee that will be due prior to future services provided.  The fee will be for amount charged for the exam of the pet that was scheduled to be seen.