Pet Wellness Exam

Pet wellness exams, also called check-ups or physical exams, are crucial to keeping your pet healthy. They involve more than just a veterinarian examining your pet. Arbor Ridge Vet Clinic looks at the facts about pet wellness exams.

Pet Wellness Exam

What a Pet Wellness Exam is Like

You should give a stool sample of your pet to the veterinary staff. Your pet is weighed. Your pet is given a physical examination, where our veterinarian will listen to your pet’s heart and lungs, examine your pet’s eyes and ears, and look at your pet’s teeth. Blood samples are usually given for tests and vaccinations are administered. If your pet has a skin problem, our veterinarian will diagnose your pet’s skin issue and recommend the corresponding treatment. You will also be asked questions about how your pet is eating and behaving.

Maintaining Good Health

If a pet is in good health, then a veterinary wellness exam helps make sure that the pet stays in good health. Blood tests help monitor the status of a pet’s internal organs and also screen for problems like heartworms. A fecal examination checks for internal parasites. Wellness exams allow our veterinarian the opportunity to recommend parasite prevention measures.

Preventing Serious Health Problems

Pets are often stoic when it comes to pain and instinctually hide pain and immobility. A wellness exam helps reveal any symptom that a pet is trying to hide such as lumps and injuries that have gone undetected. Many health problems can be successfully managed if caught early enough. Getting regular vaccinations protects both your pet and other pets in the community from potentially deadly contagious diseases.

Monitoring a Pet’s Weight

Pets can gain weight so gradually that it can be hard for you to notice. Often, the only time pets are weighed is during vet visits. As pets age, their metabolism slows down which often leads to weight gain. Monitoring a pet’s weight helps our veterinarian prevent serious problems like arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Our vet will be able to give you tips for your pet’s diet, including healthier treat options.

Communicating Your Concerns

A pet wellness exam is a good time to ask our veterinarian questions about your pet’s health and behavior. It’s best to bring these questions with you to the exam so you do not forget them. This will save you from having to contact us later to have any urgent questions answered.

When Your Pet Needs Wellness Exams

Kittens and puppies should be examined about once a month until they are fully vaccinated. Healthy adult pets can be seen once a year. Senior pets usually need at least two exams a year since their health can change quickly.

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