Itchy Skin & Ear infection

Sometimes, pets are troubled by chronic problems such as itchy skin, rash, and frequent ear infections. These can be stubborn conditions that require closer investigation to find out the underlying issue. At Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic in Fitchburg WI, we provide an intensive investigation into the causes of itchy skin and ear infections and offer effective treatments for these troublesome symptoms. 

Itchy Skin & Ear infection

What Does Itchy Skin Mean?

Pet owners may notice sudden bouts of scratching at certain times of the year. They may also notice pimples, scabs, sores, or reddened areas of irritation on the animal’s body. These skin problems in dogs may indicate parasites, contact with an irritating substance outdoors, a reaction to household cleaning products, or an allergic reaction. You may try a soothing over-the-counter compound, but the problem keeps coming back. 

The Problem of Chronic Ear Infections

Chronic ear infections can be a stubborn problem. Sometimes, mites may be the underlying issue. Other times, the structure of the ear canal itself makes it vulnerable to bacteria, fungus, and yeast. These issues can cause itchiness, discharge, and pain. Antibiotics and anti-fungal agents can help to relieve these symptoms, but it may take some veterinary detective work to find the underlying cause. The vet will examine the ear canal will special instruments and may need to take a sample of the substance inside the ear. In some cases, an ablation procedure is needed. 

Allergic Reactions Can Cause These Symptoms To Go Together

When itchy skin and chronic ear infections occur together in a dog, the vet will often begin to consider an allergy as the underlying cause of the symptoms. These symptoms often occur together and indicate a body response that is trying to deal with an allergen that is frequently present in the environment or a problem food substance. In addition to treating symptoms with antibiotics, antihistamines, and steroids, the vet will help the pet owner to eliminate exposure to potential allergens. These could include allergy testing and diet trials may be warranted. Changes in outdoor habits, indoor cleaning measures, and a change in food will often provide relief from symptoms. 

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