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Securing vaccinations is an essential component of comprehensive kitten care. Without getting their full regimen of kitten vaccines, your new bundle of joy will be left exposed to deadly diseases. Reach out to us at Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic, and we’ll handle your pet’s vaccinations. Don't hesitate to reach out because our services are available to all Fitchburg residents. Arranging your kitten’s preventative care can be tricky for first-time pet owners. Make that endeavor more manageable by referencing the information in this article. 

cat vaccination

What Kitten Vaccines Will Your Pet Need?

If this is your first time caring for a pet cat, you may be surprised by how many vaccinations are available for them. So, which of those inoculations will your furry friend need? First off, basic kitten care will include core vaccinations. Core vaccinations are given to all cats regardless of their medical history and living situation.

You must get these vaccinations for your kitten during your initial veterinary clinic visits. The core cat vaccines protect our pets from feline calicivirus, feline panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, and rabies. Notably, three of those vaccinations have been combined into one shot. The shot in question is known as the FVRCP vaccine.

Additional Vaccinations

Your veterinarian may also suggest giving your cat the feline leukemia vaccine. Although the aforementioned inoculation isn’t considered a core vaccine for all cats, it is recommended for kittens. State laws also mandate certain vaccinations. For instance, Wisconsin legally obligates all cat owners to vaccinate their pets against the rabies virus.

Apart from core vaccinations, your veterinarian may also suggest administering non-core immunizations. Non-core vaccinations are usually prescribed if the veterinarian believes your pet may be exposed to certain diseases. Diseases non-core feline vaccinations protect against include feline bordetellosis and feline chlamydosis. Consult your veterinarian to confirm which vaccinations your pet will need.

When Should Your Pet Cat Start Receiving Vaccinations?

Now that you know which vaccines are critical for your kitten’s preventative care, you may be wondering when to search “veterinarian near me” on your phone so you can start setting their first appointments. Thankfully, there are guidelines for you to follow ahead of your first veterinary appointment.

Veterinarians recommend beginning a kitten’s vaccine regimen as soon as they reach six weeks of age. That’s fairly early into your kitten’s life. Remember to ask about your kitten’s birthdate to ensure you are scheduling their vaccinations on time.

Only the FVRCP shot, and some other non-core vaccinations may be given during your first visit to the vet. The same shot may be administered again four weeks later. Rabies vaccines are usually given when a cat has already turned three and a half months old. Additional doses of the FVRCP and rabies vaccines are recommended annually.

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Vaccinations are key to keeping your precious kitten healthy. Call us at Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic today, and let’s set your pet’s vaccine appointments. You can also complete those bookings after visiting our location in Fitchburg, WI.


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