Pet Dermatology Treatment at Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic

Sometimes, pets develop troublesome skin problems, experiencing itching, irritation, lesions, and hair loss. These problems can be treated with a number of methods to help pets maintain healthy skin and prevent potential dermatology issues from occurring. At Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic in Fitchburg, WI, we provide a wide range of treatment options for pet skincare.


Causes of Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats

Pets may develop a reaction to household cleaning products, grooming products, or other chemicals found in their environments. Pets may also experience seasonal allergies caused by pollen, grass, dust, or molds. Dogs and cats may also be possibly allergic to an ingredient in the food they eat. Parasites can cause skin irritation and eruptions. Some pet skin problems are genetic in origin.

Skin Irritation

You may notice redness on your pet’s skin that can range from pinkish to a deep crimson. The color may be concentrated on the belly, paws, or around the face. Sometimes, a rash may be more widespread, affecting a large portion of the animal’s skin. Skin irritation may be caused by contact with a harsh chemical substance or from contact with plants in the garden. Parasites can also cause generalized skin irritations.

Skin Rash

Skin rashes are more clearly defined than generalized irritation. You may see bumps, filled pimples, scabs, or open sores. The animal may seem uncomfortable, licking at the rash to try to soothe the skin. Unfortunately, a secondary bacterial infection can develop, making the problem worse. Our vet can provide various tests to determine the cause of the rash and help determine the right treatment to resolve the problem. Regular application of antibiotic creams can help to reduce inflammation and other symptoms. In some cases, our veterinarian may prescribe oral medications or injections. 

Hair Loss

Severe skin problems in pets can sometimes lead to hair loss. Our vet can determine the appropriate treatment for the underlying problem and create a treatment plan to allow the skin to heal properly and foster the normal re-growth of hair.

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