Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic

2935 South Fish Hatchery Road, Bay 16
Madison, WI 53711


The Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic Carries a Full Line of Products for Reptile and Amphibian Care


1.) Our Clinic Can Order In Most Tank Sizes That Would Suit Your Reptile or Amphibian's Needs

2.) We Carry Zoomed Products like Hygrometers to measure Humidity and Temperature - it will turn your pet's humidity machines and ceramic heat emiters on as needed to regulate the cage temperature.

3.) We have Zoomed Humid Hides - This Product Allows you to keep your pet's humidity at the proper level to allow for easier shedding.

4.)  We Carry Zoomed's Cage Carpet for easy, cheap, clean and safe bedding for your pets

5.) We Carry the Amazing TempGun!  This product allows you to spot temperature check any where in the cage allowing you to check for hot spots and cool spots, to ensure a safe and comfortable living evironment for your Reptile or Amphibian

6.) We Carry Ceramic Heat Emitters - a heat source without light to provide heat to your Reptile or Amphibian without light to allow for a normal Night and Day cycle for your pet.  (Red lights do not provide this and can mess up your pet's day-night cycle leading to an unhealthy pet).

7.) We provide a safe and reliable source of Vitamin and Calcium Supplements with RepCal Supplies like Herptivite and Calium Supplements

8.) We offer a reliable source of UV-B production with our ZooMed Line of Mercury Vapor Bulbs

9.) We offer ZooMed Ceramic Ballisted Bulb Holders - which are safe and able to withstand the heat and power generated by the Ceramic Heat Emitters and Mercury Vapor Bulbs

10.) We offer Plants and Cage Supplies for your Reptile and Amphibian Cages

11.) We offer humidity guages and thermometers for cages to monitor your pet's temperature and humidity