Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic

2935 South Fish Hatchery Road, Bay 16
Madison, WI 53711


The Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic Carries Hard To Find Foods For Exotic Pets


We Carry Brisky's Line of Pelleted Food For Degus and Hedgehogs

Diet is incredibly important to exotic pets and pet stores many times carry foods with seeds or dried fruits with many preservatives in it.

Degus are very prone to Diabetes and most diets are too high in sugars (even Rabbit, Chinchilla and G. Pig Pellets).  That is why we offer a Degu specific diet to try to balance the sugars fed these cute little animals.  We also Carry Oxbow Timothy Hay as well.


Hedgehogs and Sugar Gliders need a special diet as well.  They are very prone to obesity and fatty liver disease.  That is why feeding a good food source in regulated portions is so important for their overall heath.  We Carry Mazuri Insectivore Pelleted Diets.