Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic

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Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic Monthly Announcements and Specials

1.)  Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic is proud to offer Stay Well Programs!!!! Would you like to get free exams for the life of your pet?  Enroll in the Stay Well Programs and annually renew and you can!!!  In addition the Stay well programs include parasite testing like Fecals, Heartworm testing, Feline Leukemia and FIV testing, 12 months of heartworm/flea/tick prevention and all the vaccines that they need for the year.  In addition we offer exotic Stay Well Programs too and Stay well programs for puppies and kittens that INCLUDE the SPAY and NEUTER!!!! Wow!  Contact the Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic today for more details.

2.) Check out our new deal on Heartworm and Flea and Tick Preventatives - If you Heartworm test your dog, cat or ferret on the same day that you purchase 12 months of specific preventatives in clinic you will save!  For dogs if you heartworm test and purchase 12 months of Iverhart Max or Heartguard you will save $5.00 off your bill instantly with $6.00 (Iverhart) or $5.00(Heartguard) mail in rebate!  Thats up to $17.00 off!  For Flea and Tick preventative, if you purchase twelve months of Vectra 3D in clinic on the same day as the Heartworm test, you save $10.00 off instantly and get and THREE FREE!  For cats and ferrets if you heartworm test and purchase 9 months of Revolution you receive $10.00 off instanly and THREE FREE doses!  This offer is good through the year of 2012!

3.) Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic is offering new low prices on Iverhart Max, Heartgard, and Revolution for cats.  Compare to 1-800-petmed that has been cited by the FDA for selling counterfeit, expired and repackaged products.  Now you can get these same products from a reliable source.  Please contact the Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic with any questions.

4.) Don't forget as the weather warms ticks, especially deer ticks become more active again.  Remember to use a good tick preventative once a month at least through November, but we recommend using the product all year round since dogs go to the dog park and can get fleas from other pets.  If your pet is around other pets outside, the Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic recommends using flea and tick preventatives year round.  Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic recommends Vectra 3D for our dogs.


5.) The Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic is pleased to offer our Senior Health Care Program.  This is an all encompassing program for our senior patients.  Since our senior pets age seven of our years for every one of their years it is important to perform bi-annual exams.  In addition we are offering a comprehensive Senior Profile that will screen your pet for many illnesses.  By closely monitoring your pet in their senior years we can help you enjoy your pet for many years.  Please ask one of our staff or call our clinic for more details about the Senior Health Care Program.