Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic

2935 South Fish Hatchery Road, Bay 16
Madison, WI 53711


The Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic Carries Shampoos and Grooming Supplies


The Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic carries its own Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo as well as scented shampoos.


We also carry a waterless shampoo by Furminator.

In addition we carry Skunk Off to help eliminate the smell of skunk, if your pet is unfortunate enough to run into one.

We Carry the Furminator, a great brush to help eliminate dead hair and maintain a healthy coat.

We carry nail trimmers to allow you to trim your pets nails at home.

We carry Kwik Stop coagulation powder with a local pain control medication in case the quick is hit while trimming your pets nails.

We carry our brand of ear cleaner that cleans and dries the ears, which help prevent ear infections.