Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic

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Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic Carries Avian Foods and Supplies

The ideal diet for most Psittacines (parrots) and Passerines (finches and canaries) that we keep as pets is a 75% pelleted diet and 25% fresh fruits, veggies and a small square of non-white bread toast each day.  Most people believe that a seed diet is the ideal diet and that birds will only eat what is good for them.  Seeds are high in fat and deficient in almost everything.  Fat tastes good, hence why they like to eat it, just like we like our fatty foods.

The Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic carries pelleted foods from Zupreem and Kaytee Rainbow Exact Formulas.  If there is another brand or a specific size that you would like, let us know and we can get it in for your bird.


For Birds Who Are Converting to a Pelleted Diet We Offer A Supplement to Add to The Seeds While Converting: Ecotrition's Vita-Sol